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Birth Session FAQ

What is Birth Photography?

In one word, birth photography is incredible! It is the ability to capture the story of a family. The gentle touch of a partner, the strength of a new mother, and pure amazement in the eyes of a sibling. Every aspect of the birthing experience is documented, such as what the room looks like, loved ones present, and the miracle of a new baby. It’s story-telling in the most beautiful form, seeing the love in a mother’s eyes and the pure joy that develops during the journey.

How do I know you are the right photographer for us?

We encourage ALL potential clients to book a consultation at our studio – this allows you to come in and see what we are all about. You can view beautiful samples of our products, discuss your expectations and goals from hiring a birth photographer . There is NO obligation to go beyond the consultation, we just prefer to discuss about all the details in person because we feel it is the most efficient use of your time and the easiest way to answer all your questions!

Are birth pictures the same as newborn pictures?

Great question! The process of delivery is exceptional and irreplaceable to anything a mother will experience. Birth photographs begin during labor, continue through the birthing process, and allow a mother to capture the first moments shared as a new family…. While newborn photographs allow the family to celebrate the baby, birth photographs expand to include the emotional and breathtaking experience of becoming a family at the very moment it blossoms.

I’m not sure I feel comfortable with a stranger in the room. Will we meet before?

Being a mother, I understand the awkwardness of having people in and out of the delivery room. I want to create a unique, but also relaxed and stress free, experience. I meet all birth clients a few weeks prior to their due date to become familiar with your birth plan, exchange contact information, and explore the details of what you would like captured and what you are uncomfortable with. Meeting prior to delivery allows both of us to ask questions and get to know each other so, when the time comes, my presence will be natural and your experience will be positive.

What if I have a c section?

The photographers’ ability to capture a c section will depend on the hospital. For emergency situations, photographers are not allowed, however, for non-emergency procedures some establishments welcome photographers. In the event I can not be in the OR with you, I will still hang out until you and baby are out and capture those sweet first moments as a family anyways. The birth of a child is important and should be captured, no matter how they came into this world.

When will you show up and how long will you stay for?

I ask clients to contact me when they leave for the hospital so I may prepare for departure to their location. From my experience, 5-6 centimeters is the “magic number” and typically when I try to arrive. Since babies have their own clock, I stay as long as it takes to welcome the little one into the world and the first few hours after birth in order to capture the beautiful moments with you.

What hospitals do you cover?

I currently will cover births at Beaufort Memorial, Coastal Carolina Hospital & Hilton Head Hospital. I will consider births at the Savannah Birthing Center but only after discussion with the client as to avoid any issues such as previous short labors.

Why does birth photography cost so much?

When considering the cost of birth photography, I always remind potential clients of what it truly covers which is my undivided attention and presence whenever it is needed to capture a moment in time you will never get back – I do not plan vacations around due dates, I don’t even go as far as Savannah while I am on call to be sure I can be where I need to be quickly. I reduce my number of regular sessions and have a constant back up photographer to take over for me should I have to leave at a moments notice. My husband and I even grocery shop with 2 cars. Essentially, I put my life on hold to be sure that I am there for YOU when you need me to be.

One of my clients put it best – You can always make more money, your baby only takes their first breath once.






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