Pregnancy is such an amazing moment that needs to be cherished and captured not only for you to remember, but for you to share with your little one when they get older. The labor and delivery leading up to the arrival of your new little one is going to be an exciting time, and after it’s over it’ll all seem like such a blur. 

This is why birth photography is so incredible! It is the ability to capture the story of a family. The gentle touch of a partner, the strength of a new mother, and pure amazement in the eyes of a sibling. Every aspect of the birthing experience is documented, such as what the room looks like, loved ones present, and the miracle of a new baby. It’s story-telling in the most beautiful form, seeing the love in a mother’s eyes and the pure joy that develops during the journey.

If you are interested in capturing your birth as well as other milestones in your pregnancy and your little ones first year, we highly recommend looking into our First Year Collective Membership which offers many advantages as well as a discount on our Birth Story services. Click HERE to find out more!

Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to this genre of photography services.

Birth is a super intimate thing in the life of a woman. How do I know you are the right photographer for us?

Being a mother, I understand the awkwardness of having people in and out of the delivery room. I want to create a unique, but also relaxed and stress free, experience. 

We require ALL potential birth clients to book a consultation at our studio – this allows you to come in and meet with us. You can view beautiful samples of our products, discuss your expectations and goals from hiring a birth photographer. We meet all birth clients several times prior to their due date to become familiar with your birth plan, exchange contact information, and explore the details of what you would like captured and what you are uncomfortable with. Meeting prior to delivery allows both of us to ask questions and get to know each other so, when the time comes, my presence will be natural and your experience will be positive.

Are birth pictures the same as newborn pictures?

The process of delivery is exceptional and irreplaceable to anything a mother will experience. Birth photographs begin during labor, continue through the birthing process, and allow a mother to capture the first moments shared as a new family…. While newborn photographs allow the family to celebrate the baby, birth photographs expand to include the emotional and breathtaking experience of becoming a family at the very moment it blossoms.

What if I have a c section?

The photographers’ ability to capture a c section will depend on the hospital. For emergency situations, photographers are not allowed, however, for non-emergency procedures some establishments welcome photographers. In the event I can not be in the OR with you, I will still hang out until you and baby are out and capture those sweet first moments as a family anyways. The birth of a child is important and should be captured, no matter how they came into this world.

When will you show up and how long will you stay for?

I ask clients to contact me when they leave for the hospital so I may prepare for departure to their location. From my experience, 5-6 centimeters is the “magic number” and typically when I try to arrive. Since babies have their own clock, I stay as long as it takes to welcome the little one into the world and the first few hours after birth in order to capture the beautiful moments with you.

What hospitals do you cover?

I currently will cover births at Beaufort Memorial, Coastal Carolina Hospital & Hilton Head Hospital. I will consider births at the Savannah Birthing Center but only after discussion with the client as to avoid any issues such as previous short labors.

What type of financial investment is birth photography? 

Birth Story Package begin at $2200 and a payment plans are available for all birth clients. This covers 24/7 on call time starting at 38 weeks (I always do my best to attend premature births as well), unlimited coverage during labor, childbirth and immediately after baby is born to capture all the special moments. Your images will be reviewed, selected and edited to produce tasteful, amazing portraits that tell the story of your baby in only a way an outside eye looking in could. Once the images are complete, you will receive them on a custom USB drive as well as a beautiful proof box  for safe keeping.

When considering the cost of birth photography, I always remind potential clients of what it truly covers which is my undivided attention and presence whenever it is needed to capture a moment in time you will never get back. A backup photographer is also put on retainer in the event I am sick or unable to attend for whatever reason out of my control.

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