Capturing your baby in the first few weeks of their life is a momentous occasion and we at Nadia Hurtt Photography take great pride in providing you with a relaxing and enjoyable experience during your session.

Newborn sessions include Professional Hair & Make Up for momma and use of the studios’ extensive collection of wraps, outfits, & props to create a cohesive look that will provide you with timeless portraiture of your little one. We strive to provide you with a safe and comfortable space to sit back and relax while we photograph your baby – a TV with movie channels as well as WiFi are made available to you, along with a fully stocked fridge, snack counter and coffee bar.

All Newborn Sessions are done at our Beaufort studio and we ask that you set aside 3-4 hours for your complete session. This allows us to work in a way that is baby led, taking breaks for feeding or just simply to get some cuddles. Some babies do quite well allowing us to finish up quickly, but we never want anyone to feel rushed.

During the session, we will photograph not only baby by themselves in several different set ups and with siblings, but we always encourage parents to step into the portraits as well. This time in your life is fleeting and one day you will fondly look back on these images of you and your tiny baby.

The Creative Fee for Newborn Portraits is $249.

If you are interested in capturing multiple milestones in your pregnancy and your little ones first year, we highly recommend looking into our First Year Collective Membership which offers many advantages. Click HERE to find out more!


I have never used a full service, boutique photographer and not sure what to expect. How do I know if you are really the right fit for me? 

We encourage ALL potential clients to book a consultation at our studio – this allows you to come in and see what we are all about. You can view our beautiful wardrobe choices, see samples of our products and look over our full price list . There is NO obligation to go beyond the consultation, we just prefer to discuss about all the details in person because we feel it is the most efficient use of your time and the easiest way to answer all your questions!

One of the big differences between us and many photographers in the area is that we truly believe in providing you with  beautiful, quality products that allow you to display your images throughout your home for years to come. Even our Digital Files come with matching prints to ensure you have a tangible item to look at. You can see our most popular items by clicking HERE but we highly encourage all clients to come in for their consultation to see all our products up close!

When should I schedule my newborn portraits?

We always recommend booking your newborn session or at least scheduling a consultation as soon as you decide that newborn photography is something you may be interested in.

Newborns are best photographed before they are 14 days old, but this does not mean we do not take babies who are older as long as parents understand that we may not be able to get all the classic poses we achieve with smaller, newer babies.

We only take 2 newborns a week and offer priority booking to those parents that retain our services during their pregnancy. Often parents call after baby is born and find that we can not accommodate them in our schedule.

What does the Creative Fee include?

The Creative Fee will cover the following aspects of your session:

  • Consultation to discuss your vision for your images – this can be done in person, by phone or email
  • Your photography session
  • Professional hair & make-up
  • Use of our NHP wardrobe & props
  • Hand retouching of the best portraits from your session
  • Personalized Design & Ordering session to look over your final images and create beautiful products to display them

Creative Fees do not include any products, digital or printed. These items are created and purchased separately during your Design & Ordering Appointment

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